Twitter Conversational Ads, a conversation starter

Twitter Conversational Ads, a conversation starter

Twitter introduced a new feature in January 2016 , Twitter Conversational Ads.  This feature helps businesses to engage more with their clients and spread the relevant brand campaigns.

Twitter Conversational Ads

Companies now have the added bonus to add a Call-To-Action button with customizable hashtags, eg TWEET #ROOTsavestheday.

Twitter Conversational Ads with Root Marketing Consultants

If a user clicks the Call-To-Action button, a pre-populated message by the brand, including the creative and the relevant Hashtag will appear and the user an then add their text and tweet.  In return the a thank you message is send to the user.  The consumer’s tweet is displayed on their timeline for their followers to see with the Call-To-Action buttons.

You can read more on Twitter Conversational Ads on twitters blog , or this is Greek to you let us handle it for you.