Social Media Marketing

What is Social Media?

Social media is a collective of various online communication platforms dedicated to community/social interaction, sharing and collaboration.  The most popular channels are:  Facebook , Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and LinkedIn and day-by-day is becoming a more integral part of everyday life and the way people communicate.



ROOT Marketing Social Media marketiing in the Somerset West, Strand and Stellenbosch area


Why your Business Needs Social Media Marketing (SMM).

Social Media Marketing (SMM) utilises the various Social Channels to thier full extent to increase brand awareness through a SMO strategy.  Through Social media Optimization (SMO)  a business can optimally and cost effectively use their marketing budget digitally to reach their desired outcomes.

With the world becoming a smaller place due to advances in technology and connectivity, the online population is not only growing in numbers, but also in time and frequency spent online.   Smartphones have made it possible for individuals to stay connected 24/7 and makes Social Media platforms the best and most cost effective way to be noticed by your potential clients 24/7.

Can you afford not to implement a Social Media Marketing Strategy?

Contact ROOT to implement an integrated social media strategy to suit your social media marketing needs and ensure that your online community is connected with you when and where ever they are.