To Pin or Not to Pin?

To Pin or Not to Pin?

Everybody is following trends and crazes theses days and if statistics is right we need to PIN, or do we?

Pinterest Statistics

Avg Transaction Cost $185 (Facebook $80)

Current members 1+ million

Fastest Growing Social Media Platform


Statistics never lie , but what if it is skewed due to generalisation.


Pinterest, what is it ?  Pinterest is a social media platform where you are able to create various boards to display visual content (photos) related to that boards topic. Think of it as the old photo albums you had growing up, the days we still printed photos at the local Kodak shop.  You would put all your favorite photos of the holiday or the kids in an album and show it to friends.  

So how would we make money? In short, by displaying your products visually on the board, you can drive traffic to your ecommerce site or generate leads that could possibly lead to a sale.


To Pin or Not To Pin

Taking a closer look at Pinterest and the available Pinterest statistics, we get a more realistic view of who needs to be Pinning.

80% of users are Female – Most females use the platform to get ideas for decor, their wedding, kids party and browsing for fashion and jewelry {gross over generalisation, I know}

Avg user has 67 followers – Compare this to Facebooks 338 avg friends per adult user, it seems small.  But less followers is not necessary a bad thing, with less followers one can argue there is less chance of your image being scrolled by and not seen.

90% of information transmitted is visual – The brain can process images 60 000 times faster than it can process text, which makes Pinterest a great platform to generate eCommerce using visual content.

In a nut shell: There is not a one size fits all in social media, otherwise we would not have all the various platforms available to us.  Pinterest for business is mainly, in our opinion, for businesses that can produce highly visual and unique content and products. Industries that tend to florish within this platform is Fashion, Jewellery, The Hospitality Industry, Lifestyle Services and any business creating and selling unique products

Still Clueless about Pinterest? – Contact us and lest grow your business visually.



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