Founder: Johan van Dyk

Johan van Dyk - Founder of ROOT Digital Marketing Services

Following years of marketing various start-ups, small businesses and wine farms, Root’s founder left the Rat Race to pursue his dream of running his own Digital Marketing Company. With a passion for small businesses and new technologies, he is continually adding more cost effective and quality services to ROOT’s already expansive list of services.  

Content Manager: Rozanne van Dyk

Content Manager Rozanne van Dyk Root Marketing

With years of teaching and translating experience, Rozanne is the Head Honcho when it comes to content. With her passion for writing and unrivaled eye for detail, she ensures all our digital content is of the highest standard and press ready.


ROOT has challenged the conventional approach of ad and graphic agencies by NOT employing a full time creative team. We take advantage of the gifted freelance experts to ensure we can deliver cost effective services while retaining fresh creativity and work of the highest quality and standard.