Business Cards

Business Cards

Due the privacy of our clients, we are not able to display examples of our clients’ business cards online.


Type of Business Cards


Single Sided

Double Sided


Single Sided Business Cards seem to be the norm for small business and start-ups, But if you want to have more canvas space and focus on your brand, opt for the double sided.


Business Card Sizes


Standard:  90mm x 50mm

American:  85mm x 55mm
Business Card Size is determined various factors – Clients Preferance, Layout Design and Logo Ratio.

Most clients opt for the standard 90mm x 50mm card as this gives a faster turn around time at the printers (24 – 48 Hours).  For the client that wants something a bit different we suggest a 85mm x 55m card, but the printer turn around time is on average 5 working days.


Please feel free to contact us directly for a few examples.