A strong Social Media Culture is the way to reach your goals as a small business

A strong Social Media Culture is the way to reach your goals as a small business

At ROOT we work with, or more correctly, alongside many small business owners, solo-entrepreneurs and start-ups in creating their Social Media Culture.  They are always looking for a way to cost effectively market themselves and their brand through social media.

Grow a Social Media Culture in your business

We need to face the fact that in many small businesses the owner is part of the brand and needs to be active in the online community.  In today’s online community of faceless 120 character posts, most clients and digital groupies want to feel part of something bigger.  They want to experience the culture and community they helped built by supporting the smaller brands and businesses.

Real World Example: One would keep supporting the small coffee shop on the corner although the coffee might be 10% more expensive than the franchise down the street, if the owner and staff takes the time to remember your name and greets you with “the usual?”.

So how and where is the best online way to have a cup of coffee with your clients and make them part of your brand family?

A recent article regarding the 12 Trends for Small Business Social Media Marketing  takes a look at the Small Business Social Media survey for 2015. The survey gives us valuable insight into Social Media Marketing and correlates with what we have been advising our clients to date.

Facebook wins over twitter in small business Social Media marketing

  • 96% of small business owners agrees that Social Media Marketing is necessary for their business
  • Facebook (93%) dominates Social Media marketing, just ahead of Twitter (79%) and Linkedin (71%)
  • Linkedin wins B2B Social Media Marketing with 40% ahead of Facebook with 30%
  • Facebook wins B2C Social Media Marketing platform with a staggering 65%
  • Small Businesses set to expand expenditure on Social Media Marketing in 2016
  • Facebook (84%) trumps Google Adwords (41%) for most used Paid Ad platform


So what does this all mean for you as a small business?


In our upcoming article, Choosing the right Social Media Fit for your Brand , we will give you some insight into the platforms needed to establish your Social Media Culture and Marketing.


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