Organize and plan – An integrated plan is necessary for any Small Business Social Media Strategy success.  It is more than just how many posts you want to post per day or on which aspect of the business you want to focus.  You need to combine your social media channels and resources into one integrated digital marketing plan to increase you ROI.

Be Social, but be Unique – Try not to only retweet / re-post your own or another users content over and over, but find that balance between re-tweeting / re-posting and tweeting / posting unique content.

Be consistent – Post frequently within the limits of your company’s resources.  Posting/tweeting vigorously for a week might boost your followers, but as you become quite, you will see followers leaving your feed.

Be a smart person, not a robot – Use the various tools available online to determine the optimal time to post and schedule your tweets/posts. Don’t overdo the autoshcedule, because soon you will lose followers.

Be Professional – Your business’ social media account is not your personal account over the weekend and when used should be business related.  The person handling your accounts should be competent in spelling and grammar.

Be Engaged – Engage with your followers and reply to all comments, even negative ones.  The true colours of a company are shown by how they handle negative feedback / comments.

Be Conservative – Do not use too many hashtags or retweet every tweet you see.  Try to limit your hashtags to 3 /4 that are aligned with your Social Media plan and only retweet content that are beneficial to your audience.

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